Repollarding 2 Willow Trees in Creech St Michael

Repollarding 2 Willow Trees

Silva Tree Surgeons at work repollarding 2 Willow trees in Creech St Michael.  This job required 3 groundsmen due to its location, size, and access for removal of all the arisings.  The job was complicated by the presence of BT cables.  This involved careful removal of the overhang limbs with hand tools.  Once cleared from the lines the remaining branches were able to be removed with ease.


Pollarding is one technique used to maintain the size of a tree in a smaller space.  When done correctly and regularly, trees develop pollard heads which themselves can add quite an attractive feature.  After a tree has been pollarded it will throw out a series of new growth from each point.  If this regrowth is allowed to become too large, it can be prone to splitting off.  Therefore it is important that this regrowth is managed on a regular basis.  This does vary from species to species but we generally recommend repollarding every 2-3 years.

Pollarded WIllow Tree


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