Silva Tree Surgeons offer comprehensive forestry and woodland management solutions throughout Somerset and Devon for both urban and rural sites.
We aim to ensure woodlands reach their maximum potential through professional planning and ongoing management. 

woodland thinning


Silva Tree Surgeons have 15 years in experience in planting trees and are able to offer specialist advice on all aspects planting, from the protection and maintenance of newly planted saplings to species choice, design and soil preparation.  We only use UK sourced saplings to minimise the risk of spreading tree pests and diseases which could potentially compromise woodland management.

Tree planting by Silva Tree Surgeons


Silva Tree Surgeons erect all kinds of fencing including deer and rabbit fencing to prevent damage to tree stock as part of our woodland management service.  We recommend the use of fencing in addition to tree guards in some circumstances and offer advice where this is need.  All materials use for fencing are treated to meet higher levels of durability.
Where required we can also create natural woodland pathways using materials directly from the site if possible. 

Woodland fencing in Somerset and Devon


Silva Tree Surgeons are experienced in dealing with invasive weeds found in forests and woodlands.  Many of these, such as Rhododendron or Japanese Knotweed can quickly become a problem.  Invasive weeds will outcompete native trees and plants, and consequently need to be managed or completely removed.


For certain species such as Japanese Knotweed, it is an offence to let the plant spread into neighbouring land.  Silva Tree Surgeons can advise on invasive weed management in Somerset and Devon.  We will construct an appropriate management plan and ensure work is carried out accordingly.


If the site allows, Silva Tree Surgeons are qualified and experienced in applying herbicides to invasive weeds. To completely eradicate some species it can be necessary to treat multiple times over the course of several years. We can advise, manage and regularly review any treatment to ensure we reach the desired results.

Woodland planting