As part of our service we are able to undertake stump removal of any size.

Silva Tree Surgeons own 2 stump grinders.  Our smaller 25hp machine is able to fit into most back gardens with ease.  This allows us to remove almost any stump from any location.
Where access allows, our 34hp tracked stump grinder makes short work of even the largest stump.

Stumps are removed well below ground level, leaving an empty hole which are then back filled with the grindings.
In certain circumstances it may be necessary to excavate the area entirely due to the tree being diseased.  This take is carried out manually after the stump has been completely ground out.  Finally the hole is back filled with a suitable topsoil and seeded where required.

Stump grinding conifers


Our operators are experienced and fully trained in the use of stump grinding machines.  Particular care is taken to protect your property and our operators during the stump removal process.  Special guards are put in place to act as a shroud, this containing debris thrown out of the cutting disc.


Along with our tree removal service, our stump grinders allow us to carry out a complete tree removal.  If your tree is in the middle of your lawn it can be completely removed and either seeded or turfed afterwards.  Therefore giving you a clean area to mow with no further obstructions.