Silva Tree Surgeons are experts in the removal of trees in difficult places.
With 20 years experience we have developed all the tools and techniques required.  Where straight felling isn't possible we utilize the skills of a professional arborist to carry out a sectional dismantle.  This will often involve the use of ropes, pulleys and lowering devices.  Thus ensuring all tree removal work is carried out in a controlled manner.

Our ground staff are trained to the highest level and equally experienced as our climbers, therefore guaranteeing perfect team work and co-ordination.  Also being able to liaise with customers on behalf of the climber allows total communication throughout.

Tree removal


If the situation allows it is sometimes necessary to employ the use of a crane.  This is a very efficient way of removing large trees in a short time scale.  Silva Tree Surgeons have extensive experience in all aspects of crane work.  For particularly large trees in tight spaces this can often be the most cost effective solution.
Larger timber can be transported away whole, meaning less time on site.  Thus less disruption to the customer.

Pine tree removal with crane

Often it is necessary to employ the use of MEWPS for both removal and also tree surgery works.
During our site visit we will assess the condition of the tree along with access to decide if a MEWP is a better alternative.
Silva Tree Surgeons have access to a number of different machines of various sizes.  Therefore opening up a variety of options for the safe removal of any tree.

MEWPS in tree work

As a final option, we are able to completely remove the stump after the tree is dismantled, leaving you with a complete removal.  Two machines are available, depending on the size of the stump and access.  Either machine is capable of removing any size stump.  You can read more on our stump removal page.