Conifer hedge reduction

Conifer Hedge Reduction in North Petherton

Creating A New Line

Silva tree surgeons recently carried out a conifer hedge reduction at a residential address in North Petheron.

What was already a difficult task was complicated by the previous contractor.  A lot of the previous cuttings had been left in the hedge.  In addition, the previous cuts followed no set line meaning we had to create a new level.  This ate up a day for our team of 4, with 2 men cutting and 2 clearing.  The customer was delighted in the finished results of the hedge, therefore leading to the promise of yet more work.


When carrying out conifer hedge reductions it is important to get the initial reduction right as this sets the guide for subsequent trims.  Over the course of the next couple of years we will carry out a minimum of 1 trim per year.  Cutting the regrowth regularly like this allows us to create a neater and also crisper finish over time.

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